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Why Real Estate Is To Blame for America’s Spiking Inflation—and How It May Be the Key to Taming It

Inflation has become public enemy No. 1, and the U.S. Federal Reserve has put a big, broad target on its back.The Fed is desperately attempting to battle fast-rising prices on everything 

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How Your Home Equity Can Grow over Time

It’s true that record levels of home price appreciation have spurred significant equity gains for homeowners over the past few years. As Diana Olick, Real Estate

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How High Can Mortgage Rates Go? We’re About To Find Out

Homebuyers received yet another shock this week as mortgage interest rates shot up suddenly. Rates blew well past 6% in a blow to buyers struggling with record-high and ever-increasing home prices

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America’s Real Estate Market May Be Finally Recovering From the Pandemic—Here’s Proof

America’s housing market has undergone some wild swings during the coronavirus pandemic, but at long last, it appears to be recovering.In June, the number of real estate listings rose by 18.7%

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